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For 25 years, the Schomberg Village Association has presented A Main Street Christmas. And although our traditional A Main Street Christmas celebration wasn't possible, we really wanted to give back to the community in this dark year.

We can't do a Main Street Christmas? No problem, we'll decorate the Main Street instead! We installed 30, seven foot Christmas trees and then strung them with lights and bows. We made and installed 40 giant snowflakes, which were illuminated with solar lights and hung on the banner poles down Main Street.

We couldn't have our community Santa Claus parade, but there's no way that the Farmers are going to give up their Parade of Lights.

We can't have a Parade of Lights? Okay, we'll organise a drive through Farmers' Parade of Lights!

For a quarter-century, A Main Street Christmas has been accomplished through volunteer effort, and the costs have been borne by the proceeds from the gate and the money provided by our wonderful sponsors.

We had no intention of accepting any donations this year, but over the past week we received an outpouring of gratitude and thanks over Facebook (and socially distanced!) personal contacts. Many people asked us how they could donate, so for those who asked, here's an opportunity to give back.

If you donate by filling in the form on this page, you'll receive an  11x17 copy of this year's AMSC poster in return. It's based on the delightful painting created by our own Lisa Grealish (aka. The Paint Lady) and is sure to be a keepsake!


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