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Poster Sales

Each year, a wonderfully talented local artist creates the image you see on all of our A Main Street Christmas posters and flyers. This year's artist is Lisa Grealish of Schomberg, lovingly known around town as The Paint Lady.

This is your opportunity to own or gift a print of "All is not Lost".
During this memorable year we have all been given much to think about.  "All is not Lost" was meant to touch many hearts.

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All is not lost

By Wendy-Sue

As the children of our Community stand hand in hand on the new fallen snow,amid the beautiful rolling hills of King Township, we feel the inevitable pull of "Polaris", the "North Star", the "skymarker," the "one that never moves."

That pull shows us the Three Wise Men as they are inspired to travel to Jerusalem; shows us Harriet Tubman as she mastered the navigational skills to follow the North Star enabling others to seek freedom, in the North through the Underground Railroad; shows us the indigenous 'skystories' as they created mental maps of the skies-so critical for navigational purposes especially during the months of total darkness. But for each of us, Polaris is a beacon of hope and inspiration where we can seek our own internal compass to guide us; where we can discover and develop the gifts we already have, to move forward as individuals and Community.

Our children are standing hand in hand together in an arch representing our last bastion of defence against terrorism, prejudice, global warming-all thing jeopardizing the sustainability of our world. Together, the kids represent our future-'All is not lost.'

The Guest Appearance of our little girl from our 2020 poster shows us the past has not given up on our future and stands united with our Community to keep us all safe.

And lastly, the footsteps evident from the ever-present sleigh to the Indigenous little girl, holding hands with the other little girls of the community represents unity and acceptance and hopeful forgiveness of the misdeeds of the past.

One final thought... the peaceful serenity and tranquillity that this scene depicts equates itself to a breath of fresh air; a respite from the world pandemic and a chance for a fresh beginning... a fresh breath....


11 x 17 Poster AMSC 2021 Thumbnail.png
11 x 17 Poster AMSC 2021 Thumbnail.png

Poster and Plaque

11 x 17

11 x 14 Painting AMSC 2021 Thumbnail.png


11 x 14

A print or plaque of this year's A Main Street Christmas poster will is available for purchase at Olde Mill Art Gallery & Shoppe at 357 Main St at Dr Kay Drive. A print of the original painting that formed the basis of the poster is also available.

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