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Each year, a wonderfully talented local artist creates the image you see on all of our A Main Street Christmas posters and flyers. This year's artist is Lisa Grealish of Schomberg, lovingly known around town as The Paint Lady.

This is your opportunity to own or gift a print of "Thinking of You".

This gorgeous piece took over 14 hours to create and can be viewed in person in the front window at 272 Main Street,  Schomberg. During this memorable year we have all been given much to think about.  "Thinking of You" was meant to touch many hearts.

Sales will run from now till December 23rd. The pickup location is at Sugar and Spice, 307 Main Street, Schomberg.

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Pick your purchase at 307 Main Street, Sugar and Spice.  Show confirmation email as proof of purchase.  

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By Wendy-Sue

This heart-warming, profound poster representing the 2020 AMSC, created by our very own Lisa Cole, AKA "The Paint Lady", dedicated volunteer and SVA member really says it all.

This beautiful little girl is reaching up and up to almost reach the doorbell, heralding her presence to the neighbours within. The bright light shining from the windows depicts a warm hearth and a welcoming home. Her gift lovingly placed on the doorstep is waiting for her neighbours to be pleasantly surprised as they open the door for her.  With her mouth covered and sleigh in hand, ready to deliver gifts to the next house, she stands back and social distances to keep everyone safe and healthy, in these strange times.

This symbolic act of good deeds and good cheer illustrates to us all that we, in the world, will get through these inexplicable times.  By supporting, giving and caring for each other and all doing the right thing, we can collectively pray for our lives to achieve a sense of normalcy, health and wellness and can all be eternally grateful for what we have and what we can give!



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