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Christmas Lights

A Main Street Christmas

The First Saturday in December

Welcome to 2022 and welcome back to Main Street!

Thank You!

Each year, the Schomberg Village Association puts on A Main Street Christmas, and as the Chair of the Schomberg Village Association, I’d like to thank everyone who had a part to play in this years’ event. It was so good to be back on Main Street, and so good to see so many people back in in our small Village!


A Main Street Christmas only lasts for one day, but the background work takes much longer. We’re extremely grateful for everyone’s contribution whether organizing a parade or appearing in one, working with the police to ensure that everyone’s safe or working a gate, putting up decorations or helping Santa settle into his seat, working for an hour or all day long. We couldn’t do it without you!


The support of business owners, property owners and residents on Main Street and in the surrounding neighbourhoods is greatly appreciated. We know it’s an inconvenience to have your streets blocked off and filled with crowds - and we thank you for your ongoing support.


A large public event such as A Main Street Christmas cannot be presented without considerable costs and through our sponsorship program, our local businesses are the backbone of our finances. We are extremely grateful and humbled by the financial support of

our business community and we strongly encourage you to support them when you’re making purchases.


Thanks to everyone who appeared in the Santa Claus Parade which kicks off the celebration each year. I believe this year’s parade was one of the most impressive ever, and my thanks to Wendy-Sue Bishop, her volunteers and those who participated.


The Farmers’ Parade of Lights was amazing as always. The Schomberg Village Association is grateful for the relationship we’ve had with the farming community over the years and especially for the time and effort they take to ensure Main Street was goes out with a bang, every year better than the last! Thank you!


Thanks to Trisan Construction for a once again not only providing all the bollards that line the streets and ensuring that the streets will be clear of parked cars so that both of our parades can safely make their way along the street, but for also delivering, placing and then finally removing them for us after our event is done.


Thanks to the Schomberg Agricultural Society, allowing us to use their facilities as a parking and staging area.


Thanks to the Lions for working the gates all afternoon and evening.


Thanks to the Township for ensuring that after almost 3 long years of construction through a very difficult time, the Community Hall on Main Street’s was available for us to hold our Christmas Market once again. We worked with people from multiple departments within the Township, all of whom worked hard to ensure that everything was in place for this year’s A Main Street Christmas. Additionally, a special thanks is due to Kyle Brett and his local team at Community Services in Schomberg for ensuring that we had a new Christmas tree planted, power made available and decorated for our Main Street Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony last week.


We would also like to recognise York Region Police for their guidance and presence and St. Johns Ambulance and Schomberg Firefighters for their support every year.


And of course, a special thank you to everyone who took part in the in the day by coming out, enjoying the day, walking the street, taking part in the activities, enjoying the entertainment, visiting the Christmas market, and shopping at our local stores. We do this for you!


We’ll be back next year on Saturday, December 2nd.

If you’d like to become a part of next year’s A Main Street Christmas, or are interested in the other work we do with in Schomberg, reach out to us by leaving a message on the Schomberg Village Association Facebook page, or by sending an email to

Our Partners

As the Schomberg Village Association we can't do this alone. We work together with many partners, including:

Our Local Farmers, who provide the magnificently decorated farm equipment, and without whom this years event could not take place.

The Schomberg Agricultural Society, whose grounds we're using once again this year.

The King Township Fire Department, whose Schomberg detachment accepted donations for the King Township food bank.

King Township itself, whose staff people, particularly in the Community Services Department (formerly known as the Parks, Recreation and Culture department), Transportation and Economic Development departments worked closely with us to ensure that this year's event ran smoothly.

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