Christmas Lights

A Main Street Christmas

Want to see it again?

Here are a few ways you can (re) experience the Parade of Lights.

  • A short two minute video overview. (Facebook)

  • A complete 30 minute drive through video, along with photos and the complete audio narration of the history behind each implement. (Facebook)

  • For those who would like to listen to the audio narration but don’t need the video, an audio only version of the narration is also available. (Soundcloud)

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I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who had a part in making this year's event happen. This is a longish list, yes, but every person and organisation here was important to the successful operation of this year’s celebration.

The executive of the Schomberg Village Association is a small group - and after the confusion and frustrations of this past year we wanted to bring something back to the community. Once again, presenting the Farmers’ Parade of Lights in the Schomberg Agricultural Fairgrounds was the best solution. This year, we added entertainers, music and more decorations to this year’s event but of course the Farmers’ Parade of Lights was the centrepiece. It took a concerted effort from everyone on the executive to organize the space, get the permits, promote the event on Facebook, make the posters, create and broadcast the narration, organise the volunteers, work with our partners and organise the thousand little details that events like this require. My thanks to you; it’s only with such a team that this wonderful event took place.

The local farmers (under the direction of Dennis O’Hara) put on the Farmers’ Parade of Lights each year. It’s a magnificent display of joy, Christmas spirit and yes, hard work. And without them, none of the work that anyone else did would have had a reason. This year they had particular challenges, with a brutal harvest season still underway for many of them. But as always, our local farmers pulled off a magnificent display. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Remember people, if you ate today, thank a farmer!

The Agricultural Society. Could there be a better place to display the farmers’ handiwork as a drive through than the Agricultural Fairgrounds? I think not. Nestled in the heart of Schomberg, adjacent to Main Street this was a wonderful venue. My thanks to the members and the executive of the Schomberg Agricultural Fairgrounds who offered us the best possible place to hold this event. We look forward to working with you on other events in the future.

My thanks to Angelo Santorelli at Trisan construction, who provided the bollards and markers we used in the entranceway to keep our volunteers and guests safe.

The volunteers. We can't do this without you. We had people with long experience in marshaling parades from their work in previous years, organising the Schomberg Santa Claus Parade in previous A Main Street Christmases, and people for whom this was their first time volunteering. We had people who've lived in Schomberg all their lives, and people who had just moved in - you are all fantastic. Whether you worked one of the marshaling stations along the route, verifying tickets and explaining the process to our guests, dressed in Victorian costume to bring that old time flare and Main Street memories to the occasion, whether you were an animal character or whether you came out any time before, during or after the celebration to help, we appreciate you.

Our thanks to the Schomberg Lions Club, helping us to get volunteers; your many years of service and support of Schomberg and the events that take place within it is key to the life of the Village.

My thanks to the York Regional Police, the York Regional Health Department, the King Township Fire Department, and the Parking and Transportation, Economic Development and Community Services/Parks Departments of King Township for working with us and working out ways to allow this event to take place. We have all learned from last year’s experiences, and I thank you all for working so smoothly together with us.

Thank you to Mayor Steve Pellegrini and numerous King counsellors who came out to the event and/or supported it on social media by amplifying our posts. Your support was greatly appreciated!

Our sponsors. Last year the Schomberg Village Association bore the costs of the event, as we recognized the challenges that everyone has been through been through and we wanted to give back to our community. This year though, we needed help replenishing our coffers, and you, our sponsors stepped up. We know it’s been tough for so many and we thank you for the sponsorship that you’ve given. With it, we hope to be able to put on our A Main Street Christmas celebration back on Main Street next year.

And of course, you, the people of Schomberg and the surrounding area. Thank you for attending. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement you gave us as you queued to attend the parade. Thank you for being kind, and civil and understanding as we figured out how to get so many of you through the Fairgrounds. Thank you for putting up with the (failed) ticketing system, and for being so willing and able to switch to a ‘cash at the gate’ method of payment. You. Guys. Rock.

If you’d like to know more about the Schomberg Village Association, what we do and how you can get involved either as a member of the executive or as a volunteer throughout the year, please follow us here on Facebook, visit our website or send us an email at

We look forward to next year!
Charles Cooper
Schomberg Village Association Chair

Our Partners

As the Schomberg Village Association we can't do this alone. We work together with many partners, including:

Our Local Farmers, who provide the magnificently decorated farm equipment, and without whom this years event could not take place.

The Schomberg Agricultural Society, whose grounds we're using once again this year.

The King Township Fire Department, whose Schomberg detachment accepted donations for the King Township food bank.

King Township itself, whose staff people, particularly in the Community Services Department (formerly known as the Parks, Recreation and Culture department), Transportation and Economic Development departments worked closely with us to ensure that this year's event ran smoothly.